Monday, September 21, 2009

Getting Packed

Well over the last ten years I have made well over 70,000 posts and written two books while sitting at a computer but this is my very first blog.
Good thing I have a friend helping me or I never would have made it this far.

I am not the most computer literate person you will ever meet, nor am I a very good writer. I can, however, talk and type. So this just might work out.

I made a goal last week of doing ONE thing every day in terms of getting ready for deer season. The first day I worked all day around the house. I was at my wife's mercy all day. This may not seem like doing something to get ready for deer season, but if you have been married very long at all, you will understand why it was.

The next day I did something but can't remember what it was. I guess two days in a row is pretty good because the next afternoon I played golf.

Today was Monday and I am leaving for LBL Thursday afternoon. Needless to say, I have to get busy now.

It really is amazing to me how I can have stuff scattered in so many places when I try so hard to be organized.
I began by unloading all the contents of my shed to retrieve the three totes that held my gear.
I managed to dig out three "outfits" for the weekend hunt.
Found my gps in my turkey vest, along with my saw and pruning shears. I even dug enough to find my lost Thermacell.

My son and I were doing all this together, just like we do everything. He saw two bicycles that were covered in dust and since his has "issues" we dug them out and he started cleaning them up. One was mine that I broke the chain on and replaced it with one that just isn't "quite right" and the other was my wife's.
Needless to say, they are in "like new" condition.

After he got them cleaned up we headed to town to fill up the air tank so he could air the tires up and take them for a spin.
The bug lady came and I was arriving back home just as she was getting out of the truck to spray the vial smelling liquid all over my home.

Sanded a couple of my turkey calls and checked for the dog's reaction to them. They weren't impressed by the way.
I am amazed how light my climber is when my backpack isn't attached to it and I'm not going up and down the hills at LBL with it.

Finally dug through the three totes and got what I had to have out of it then ended up spending another hour going through the toolbox of my truck.

So I spent approximately 3 hours working, and sweating, getting ready for the opening day of bow season and when it was all said and done I had put a sleeping bag, two camo bags of clothes and two pair of boots in the back seat of my truck.

I guess since this is my first blog I needed to just ramble aimlessly because that way you will know what to expect from now on from me.

I will add a tip however, start getting ready for deer season more than four days before your departure.
God bless and good hunting always,

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